Six dollars...

landrucOctober 9, 2012

...but the guy who helped carry my plants out to the car broke it.

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But now you have two plants, at the very least (three if you cut off and grow the nubbin left of the stem). It's win-lose-win, imo. Is that a cristate Graptoveria 'Fred Ives'? Nice plant at a good price.

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Aww, bummer. But as cactusmcharris said, you can now have 2 plants!

I bought one of these too for 6 dollars although mine rotted froma sprinkler, and all i could save was a small cutting :( lowes can have some good deals on the 6 dollar pots, a few days ago i got 4 cephalocereus which were about a foot tall each, and there was some pretty tall stetsonias (which i regret not getting)

&cactusmcharris, i think it may be a crested sedum. Or atleast thats what the tag said...

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I'm not sure what it is but I know it's not a Fred Ives, because I have a couple (not crested) and the leaves are very different. I think Microthrix probably nailed it as being a sedum.

I thought of it as a win-lose-win at the time. After he broke it the guy asked if I still wanted it. I potted up the cutting ("breaking?") this morning, but I'm going to leave the nubbin attached to see if anything grows from it.

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That was fast! They are looking good.
Do you think it will continue grow crested since it is original stem?

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That is a very cool plant, I have never seen one

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I think so, rina. Each sprout seems to be more oblong than circular.

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