Fruit Salad Citrus Tree??

citruscrazed(5)August 13, 2005

Hey guys,

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know of a company in the US that sells Fruit Salad Cirtus Trees? Preferably a mail order company. I would like to try one maybe and see how it goes. I would probably not buy more than one. I know Growquest (YUCK!) sells them, but after my incident with them before i'd rather be sick than look at their website ever again. Thanks!


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Hi Matt..I know Wayside Gardens had them last yr, but don't know if they're in stock now..
Whatever, don't buy one at or its affiliates. They're contracted w/other nurseries, so check before ordering..I paid 20.00 plus 7.95 shipping a few yrs ago..What I got were 5 little, 4" looked nothing like the picture.
I'll check around and see if I can find anything..They are nice trees, but you'd want a decent plant, not seedlings that'll die in a wk. Another name it goes by is Fruit Cocktail tree..Toni

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Matt..You could try T-budding and make your own..Dale

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Matt - Like Dale said, grafting your own may be the way to go. I think JoeReal (?) likes to do multiple variety grafts. You might want to get his 2-cents worth before embarking on such a project. And Toni is correct. If you want to purchase one, you should search "fruit cocktail", as this is the most common name. Good luck.

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Thanks guys. I don't know about grafting my own trees...I'm not that talented! :P
I will email JoeReal, though.
Toni, I ordered one of those trees from direct gardening last year and know what you mean...what a joke! Thanks,

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Oh Matt, you didnt??? Weren't those (twigs) the worse so-called plants shipped, so unlike the picture which displayed a beautiful tree w/various fruit..LOL..
Did yours survive? I think we should both have complained to the company..If you ever get a chance, go to and check out the feedback..I have NEVER seen as many negative feedbacks via any nursery..Also, beware, they're contracted with other places, so if you've plans on ordering this tree again, any nursery w/the Bloomington, IL addy, pass by..Toni

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Yea, I saw them on GWD last year, I should see how it is this year. My 'tangerine' died but the other two lived. They didnt grow a single new leaf the whole summer and they were only about 3 inches tall so I chucked them in spetember when I brought my plants in.

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Have you ever been to their Green houses in Bloomington? I went there twice..(didn't buy citrus) but they have lovely tropicals, perrenials, annuals, cacti, succulents, and trees..the bad thing is, when you visit, you browse through their catalogs, all 7?, jot down the item number, and an employee goes to the gh w/your lists and choses plants..If it's not acceptable, you insist he/she exchange plants and bring up a new one.
Ordering from their catalog's is another thing..You NEVER know what you're getting. Ever. For instance I ordered red dogwood and a purple smoke tree..the dogwood is something other than what I ordered and the smoke tree is green. I did find a nice quince tree for 1.98, and a penny for a second..I also got 2 hardy kiwi's growing outdoors..male and female plants, but neither have yet to fruit..they're over 6 yrs old..So, it's like playing Lotto..You either win or you don't..LOL..Toni

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Some types just don't take well. Last year we had them with honey bell, meyer lemon and red navel. This fall I want to do lemons and limes.
I have a friend who did at least 8 types on a tree that is now in a large tree tub but he babies it like crazy.

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Tam, I don't know if these trees are difficult or not, but I was referring to a nursery here in IL that sells them..It's a farce..You either get nice plants, something other than you ordered, or half dead plants. The tiny seelings I got looked NOTHING like the picture (drawing) in their catalog..You'd have to see the plant to understand what I mean. If you get time, check out on Gardenwatchdog..You wouldn't believe all the negative feedbacks they've gotten..Toni

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Home Depot here in Lake Mary, florida is selling these in 10gallon pots for $99.. they are around 4-5FT tall... they have about 4-5 citrus per tree.... most combinations are either Navel Orange, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Tangelo, Lemon, Tangerine, Lime....

I purchased 2 for myself and will be planting this weekend... the lemon branch already has flowers...

I purchased a fruit cocktail tree from those nursery's that have in the catalog that has plum, peach, etc... however what you get is about a 1ft bare plant and for me, never grew here... a wasted $25....

hope this helps :)

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gardner_dragon(z7 NE AR)

The trees/plants offered on the page posted are from Carol Wright Gifts. This is a catalog that some get in the mail with cheap gag gifts and other assorted housewares. Don't believe I would never order a tree from gag catalog and have high expectations. This is just my opinion though.

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If you were good at grafting, you could get an immense variety of citrus grafted onto one tree. Basically, go through the list of citrus varieties and pick which ones you want. The Wikipedia article on citrus lists 97 different citrus species and hybrids, including red australian finger limes and Buddha's Hand citron among other gems. It would be fun to see how many different varieties you could get on a single tree.

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