'Petticoat' fern with nodules (?)

woebegoniaMay 30, 2012

My 3 year old Petticoat fern, stored for the winter in a large fish tank, developed scale on every part of the plant. I knew it was prone to scale but wasn't faithful about using a systemic. I cut it down to the soil level, later I carefully took it out of the pot to see if any roots had survived. I found many pea-sized healthy looking tubers or nodules, I collected them and cleaned them of any trace of roots, alive or dead, and planted them in clean,treated soil. It has been a couple of months and I now see at least one breaking thru the soil. I looked up Propagation in Barbara Joe Hoshizaki's book, she mentions ferns having 'buds' which can be planted - and so, I wonder if what I found can be called 'buds'. It certainly has been interesting, I had no idea ferns produced these tiny, survival 'things'.

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Petticoat is a cultivar of Nephrolepis cordifolia. The presence of tubers is a distintive characteristic of this specie.


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