My calamondin orange tree not blooming!

meyermike_1micha(5)August 24, 2009

Mine is very healthy,full, lucious, green, and yet I havn't been able to get that thing to bloom like it was when I bought it two years ago. Sheesh, at one point when it did bloom, I counted 10 flowers and mine is almost 3 feet tall and 3 feet wide...:-( Those blossom were barely scented either..

Notice that I haven't yet posted a picture of this tree in full bloom..I wish I could...

Who know what this could be? Is it just the nature of the beast?

Now that thing is not worth my time to go indoors at in house this winter taking up room, when all my other citrus just love to bloom....Off to my work she goes...

I have the feeling that this tree does noy like me...;-(

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Nature of the beast. I know in other threads you indicated that your citrus were all quick to bloom and fruit.

You made many of us feel inadequate ;)

If the tree is healthy looking it will fruit, when it's ready.

Sometimes it takes longer than we would like for it to be ready.

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Thanks justaguy!

That's is what I figured...It is one that has never givin me a problem, even all winter, but dang if I can get it to blossom..

After all correct ways with growing this baby that I have learned from you all, it IS the nature of the beast...
Nothing I am doing wrong.No magic potions, and high middle number
Like buying an affectionate cat in the begining, then finding it wants nothing to do with you once mature, no matter how much treats you give

Take care..:-)

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