P resinosa 'Aurea' storm damage and leader repair repair

ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5March 26, 2013

storm.. few weeks back.. long rain.. followed by sleet.. followed by heavy snow .. yippee... thats sarcasm ...

while surveying the damage from my deck ... i realized.. at 400 feet away ... there was not leader on my beloved plant ... [insert here select words of exclaim] ...

here it its.. a day or two after the storm .. much closer ....

well i got up there today ... and here is what i found

so i went and got these.. bought them about 10 years ago ...i swear they are jsut used naylons.. cut across.. and dyed green ...

and then i did this

resulting in this

it was simply bent .... not broken.. what do you think the odds of it surviving.. and thriving..

and whats the deal with that bifurcation of the leader at the tip .. looks weird.. this pic

gotta run.. no time to proof the post.. ken

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I have a small P. abies which had its leader bent quite seriously too a while ago.

I put it back upright and now you can't notice it anymore.
It wasn't bent for a long time though, only 1-2 days.

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Looks like a good job of it, Ken. I'd guess it will recover nicely.


PS.......loving those GGs in the background!

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Holy moley, something from Barrett's that isn't overpriced! lol

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Hope you believe in LUCK...you got lucky!
Great looking conifer.

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beng(z6 western MD)

Good work, and should be fine.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

well ... i took a walk out there in the rain ... so no camera ...

the leader is extending.. as much as any other terminal bud ...

of which, i swear.. every bud on the tree has 3 or 4 tiny cones.... this thing is going to go crazy ...

is resinosa used as understock for anything .... ???

now the real test will come.. when the weight above.. either collapses the bamboo ... or it all hardens off and away it goes ...


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