Staghorns - Austin Symposium

juliof3(8b/Austin)May 31, 2006

I've received a few staghorns over the past two years as gifts, and it seems like I'm always either overwatering or underwatering. I'm assuming watering is the problem, btw.

And yes, these are new to me. Do you think spending a morning/afternoon with Roy Vail would get me over the hump with these? There's an event on the Gardenweb Calendar of Events for June 10th in Austin I'm considering attending.

Any advice?

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Roy Vail gives an interesting lecture and has lots of experiance growing stags. In fact has by far the best book on the subject. You can get it from Amazon I think. Or you can attend and he may have some for sale. No color photos but lots of B&W in the back.
Several members of the Texas Gulf Coast Fern Society grown many different kinds of stags. I have gives a couple of presentations on dividing and remounting large clumps of stags. In general watering can be a problem. The best technique I've found is... as soon as the moss is completely dry, submerge the board in a large bucket of water untill it just stops bubling (about 5 to 10 seconds) then hang it back on the hook. If it's too hard to remove then, hose it down once for a few seconds, then go back to it a time or two again and hose it down again. Good air circulation is important, also give it as much light as you can without burning the fronds.

Patrick in Houston

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