holly fern in morning sun

aMom22(z7aAL)May 8, 2005

I have been looking through archives and other sites, but don't seem to find the exact answer I am seeking, so will try with y'all. I recently purchased a lovely holly fern thinking I would put it under a small maple tree in front of my new home. Didn't realize the extent of direct morning sun it would receive, and am now concerned it may not survive. The area I put it in gets sun from sunrise to about 10:30am, but is in full shade from that point on. Is this too much sun?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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deeproots(8b South Ga)

assuming we are talking Cyrtomium falcatum:
It will not get as dark green, and it will not get as large. Otherwise it'll do fine.


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I am not sure about the botanical name, the tag said "Japanese holly fern".
I bought it from a reputable nursery, but they don't put the botanical names on everything.
Would it be better in a hanging basket that gets much less sun? Or in a pot further back on the porch? Though I've not seen one of these ferns in those forms I would like for the plant to do well.

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Morning sun is kinder than afternoon sun. I think it will be fine.

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