Healthy fern?

Nattie_Natt(9)May 29, 2014

looks healthy to me but unsure about the base. what do you think?

and what are these bud things? never seen them in the year ive had it.

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You mean those thread-like things growing out of the soil? Those are runners setting out to find suitable places to establish new plants. I have ferns that do that too. It can be a nuisance in the garden.

If you mean those 'curls' on the ends of the fronds, that's the normal way for young fronds to unfurl. It's called a crozier, after that staff-like thing bishops carry around. That's one of the defining things with most ferns.

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Thank you. Yes the base and runners look kind of yellow but I looked around and I guess it's normal? I ran into the curls topic too I'm so silly I never noticed them before.

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Plants have that effect on us, LOL.

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