invasion of mushrooms...advice?

adidas(6/7)May 27, 2014


I live in a cove forest in N. VA and it does get a lot of moisture and tends to stay very moist under the surface so usually I just stop to admire the mushrooms and they come and go as the weather big deal....HOWEVER, last Spring I germinated some tag alder and Itea virginicus or dogwood (I'm leaning towards Itea) seedlings and I planted them at the base of a rotting tree stump. Well, I just noticed this huge crop of mushrooms that has grown up overnight around my seedlings! The tag alder seems (I may be imagining things) to have also grown huge (relatively)w/the arrival of these mushrooms.....will these mushrooms cause any damage to the seedlings besides pushing them over?!

First pic is of the tag alders and the mushrooms (Lindera benzoin to the right is unaffected). Second pic is of Cornus or Itea seedling being "crushed" by monster marauding mushrooms.

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They are growing from the mycelia in the rotting stump.

If they are crowding one of the seedlings, pull a few mushrooms to make room.

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mushrooms pushing seedlings

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Thank-you for your input. The seedlings are quite vigorous and the mushrooms seem to be quite soft and if I were to leave the seedlings to their own devices, would the mushrooms really pose a physical threat to the seedlings?

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