What mushroom is this?

joe_sc_gardenMay 29, 2013

I have a raised vegetable garden and over watered one area that doesn't get much direct sun light.

I've since noticed these mushrooms in that area.. they don't seem to have any root system when pulled up. They're light brown to brown, jelly / cup like mushrooms..

I've since stopped watering this area, but I want to know what mushroom these are... and if they're toxic.


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i have the same things in 3 new beds i made this year. the one i made last year doesnt have them so i assume it came from the soil.

in one bed it was all over the base of my new strawberry plant. so much that i decided to pull it out. then in another bed it did the same thing to a young squash plant.

now i have them in the third bed and they are near the base of my kale plants.

ugh :(

i have no idea what they or or if they are going to destroy my garden this year. im fearful

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lycopus(z5 NY)

A type of cup fungi, perhaps Peziza. It's not uncommon to find these on wood or straw mulch, or soil that has been amended with manure, or just on rich soil in general. They are decomposers and shouldn't harm plants. The reason you can't eliminate them by pulling is the cups are just the fruiting bodies. Most of the fungus is living in the wood breaking it down.

People generally don't eat these and there are many species, so little is known about edibility. I've never heard of poisoning from them. If I had them in my raised beds it wouldn't bother me, though I might take out the cups if they looked unattractive.

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