starting my mushrooms

wcopelandMay 31, 2010

I'm thinking about starting mushrooms. I keep reading that oak logs are what I should use, but i can't really get a hold of many. so my question is....are oak logs the only ones i could use? what about poplar? any others?

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DewDropIn(z7a, LI, NY)

I just started several logs. You can use any hardwood. Just stay away from pine or other softwood. You can also call your local tree cutting company. they chop up the size you need.

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kathy_ann(zone 7)

How are your mushroom logs doing? We're just about ready to innoculate our oak logs with 500 shiitake plugs and store them for the winter. Would love to see how your logs are doing . are they producing muchrooms yet?

How do you keep the logs moist? WE have a huge tub set up and let the city water soak for a day or so to get the chlorine out, and later are going to set up something under our awnings to catch the rain water.

Did you get a wood moisture reader? or do you think it's necessary to keep track of how moist the wood is.?

I called a place that sells plugs and asked a few questions that I couldn't get answers for, they were quite helpful. Hope to do more logs next year.

she did tell me I could use sweet gum and oh shoot, I forgot the other wood she said I could use, we have alot of it out here, i'll think of it , I thought you only had to use oak also.

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