HELP! My Boston Ferns are drowning!

debmarieMay 14, 2007

Almost overnight, my Boston ferns went from gorgeous and full to wilty and looking awful. My first thought was not enough water, but I soon realized that they were soaking wet due to the water not draining from their pots. A man, (who is a supposed fern guru), told me to let them dry out, then water them with a solution of 1 tablespoon of epsom salt, 1 tablespoon of household amonia and a little bit of miracle grow to a gallon of water. Has anyone ever heard of doing this? I am almost willing to try it, but thought I would run it by some of you first.

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Hallo debmarie,
As I understand it, your fern stands in a pot. The thing I would do is put it in a bigger pot and plant it in peat. Because your plant is totally soaked with water, don't water it for a few days after replanting. The new layer of peat around the old soil will act like a sponge. Don't forget to put some gravel on the bottom of the pot, it will give you better drainage in the future.

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Better yet, plant it in a pot with drainage holes. If the roots are black and stinky, don't bother. Throw it out and start over. Most ferns, even the old Boston fern, need excellent drainage.

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