what did I do wrong?

backyardigan(6 South Central PA)May 17, 2007

I planted 4 rhizomes over a month ago. 3 royal ferns and 1 cinnamon fern. 1 of my royal ferns has sprouted and is about 1 foot tall. However I have seen zero growth from the other 3. I try to keep them moist and they get partial to less than partial direct sun. I have them as foundation plantings between my neighbors home and my own. Do they take long to sprout?

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You need to check out the culture for Osmunda.
These are ferns that occur in peat bogs so they are used to
acidic wet areas. What kind of soil is there. Also since you mention foundation plantings perhaps the soil is not suitable. You can amend with peat moss. Or even try putting in a bog type habitat into which the plants are planted. I have both types. These are slow growers. Also water quality is important.

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Did you buy them in bags from a place like Home Depot or Lowes? If so, perhaps they were just not good to start with.

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backyardigan(6 South Central PA)

Yes, I did purchase from Lowes.tThe one that is a foot already, did have a curly sprout on it (lack of the correct term escapes me at the moment). I do have peat moss, I'll carefully dig up and add peat moss to the rhizome. If it doesn't show any growth at all, I'll just try potted ferns. This location is near where our downspouts run off, so I suspect it would be a wet location. I'm going to take a picture and post back. Thanks

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The word you are looking for is: Crozier

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