Scotch Moss deadspots after winter, PICS

qwiksilvertrav(4)May 15, 2014

So after the snow melted my scotch moss was looking a bit rough. Brown, matted, etc.
So should I leave these dead spots or cut them out? I'm assuming now that it's mid may and well into the growing season here now that it would have started to come back.

Here's some pics to help you see what I mean:

Some came back fully and some that are dead in the middle have bright green edges etc. Any advice on what to do with it would be great!

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We have the same problem so I would be very interested in any solutions offered, or any that you find on your own. We had a really hard winter, and this is the first time we've had this particular problem.

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Well it's definitely still growing and some parts look really good but some are just dead and matted. I don't think those spots are coming back if they haven't greened up by now.
I guess I just cut it out and let the good spots fill in the old spots?

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Well to update I just removed the dead spots by picking it away gently. Some of it is filling in and some of it seems to be struggling. I bought some seed that I'm going to plant to try to fill it in which should work fine.
Overall my first experience is get the dead stuff picked away and try to take care of it the best you can.

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