Are there any hanging basket ferns that can take full sun?

finz2left(7-AL)May 13, 2007

I would love to have a few hanging ferns while I work out the rest of my landscaping, but I can't see them doing well in full sun, southern exposure? Are there any that can tolerate it?


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Yes, if you have a constant drip watering system installed. And, if it ever stops watering, the fern is a gonner. Or, if you are in the coolest part of your range, there are a few that may get by with daily watering.

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I grow a species of Polypodium (californicum) in a clay pot that sits on my roof. It gets alot of direct sun and
I hardly water it. When spring comes and it rains then the
plant looks green otherwise it will dry up and turn brown as it goes into a resting stage. By watering it on a regular basis it will stay green but letting it dry up during the year is normal for it.
Perhaps the species you have there in Florida can handle direct sun as well??

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Thanks. Pike's Nursery in Birmingham have directed me to Kimberly Queen Ferns. They are more upright than hanging down, but are beautiful in the baskets I have. They need lots of water, but thrive in full sun. YEAH!


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They are called ferns but they don't have the lush leaves that most fern have, but asparagus ferns are wonderful in the full sun, I have one as a house plant sitting in front of west facing window soaking up sun for a full 5 hours a day, I water it every other day, they need a lot of water. If the needles start to turn brown they drop off and it is telling you it needs more water. I water mine with water left from steaming my vegs, it loves it. Mine sits in a iron stand that is about 4' tall and the fern hangs about 6" off the floor, it is so full you can't even see the pot it is in.

They have tuber like things just above the surface of the soil as well as in the soil, these hold the water.They look like transparent garlic cloves.

You can usually find these plants in the garden nurseries this time of year, as a lot of folks grow them in pots with flowers as a filler. Then bring it in the fall and you will have a nice house plant, if you keep it in the full sun and give it a lot of water.

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