upright tall ferns

GeeDaveyMay 12, 2005

which ones are best? Does Wallich's wood or Dixie wood upright or more flat? Some of the pictures make them look squat and wide rather than upright.

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Dixie Wood fern (Dryopteris x australis) is 3 or 4 ft tall and grows straight up, ala a picket fence. At least mine do. Medium shade and somewhat moist soil.

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deeproots(8b South Ga)

when young sporelings they lay flat. even old overwintered foliage lays flat.
New growth, especially right after winter dormancy is straight up.


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karinl(BC Z8)

Dryopteris wallichiana sprouts pretty upright, but so do many others. The Mickel book (Ferns for American Gardens) describes the habit of each fern that he lists, and he lists many!

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There are many that grow upright, from what i've heard wallich's wood fern is one of them.

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Other choices to consider are Ostrich, Royal and Cinnamon ferns. But research whether they are right for the spot you have.

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stonybrook(Z7 Piedmont)

Wallich's Wood fern is a poor performer for me. I blame the summer heat. Others I grow, that have upright habit are Cinnamon, Royal, Marginal(Evergreen) Wood, Southern(Florida) Wood, Autumn(and it's close relatives: Dryopteris hondoensis & D. purpurascens), Mariana's Maiden, Widespread Maiden, Bramble, Christmas and Ostrich Ferns. Shorter upright ones, such as Lady, New York, Beech, Japanese Beech, Tassel, Tongue or Felt Ferns are good companion plants, although some, New York & Japanese Beech can become invasive.

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