My staghprn fell!!!!!!!

catlover_gardenerMay 30, 2008

I have a huge staghorn fern hanging for the last eleven years from a bracket on my back patio wall. It has survived hurricanes, heavy rains, blistering sun, and heavy winds. It has several pups. While watering this pm, I turned to water another plant when I heard a groan behind me and turned to see it slowly loosening from the four pronged wire hanger that it had grown around over all these years, and falling to the ground. I couldn't believe it.

The weight of the water must have caused it to finally fall. Anyway, how do I reattach and rehang it back to the wall bracket which has a comma-shaped hook at the end of the bracket, without cutting into the plate-shaped pups that surround the whole ball shape. I don't want to leave it on the ground too long bz it will start to rot.

Hope I painted a vivid enough picture of the whole plant. I don't want to lose this plant, bz I have babied it for so long, and I am going to have to engage help from neighbours to lift it after I have decided how to rehang.

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Just get some big chain,(you'll have to decide how long).I would get enough to make four pieces. Get an O ring and some S hooks and rehang it. You may have to put the chain over the new stuff, but in three months you'll never see the chain. if you need more directions email me at and I can get into more detail.

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Oh thank you for responding, I had almost given up on hearing from anyone. It is still sitting on the ground. Anyway,what I understand you are saying is this: Get 4 chains; hang them from one s hook; hang them over the fern while attaching the ends of the chains to 4 other s hooks which are attached to the O ring. The base of the ball of the fern sits on the O ring. The s hook at the top hangs from the comma shaped end of my bracket which is on the wall. Is that it? Is my interpretation correct. Tried your email address, but no go...

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Yes. But what I do is attach the 4 S hooks to the O ring. Then attach the chain. And since the staghorn is already on the ground it will be easy. Put the chain out like an X and place the O ring in the center of the fern. Run each chain up through the fronds and attack to the S hook. Hope this helps.Im surprised the email didnt work??

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

"Im surprised the email didnt work??"

The e-mail (almost) *never* works...
Put no faith in GardenWeb's e-mail notification or contact options.


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