Help on planting bareroot ostrich ferns.

actuary97(NJ)May 6, 2006

Hi I ordered twelve ostrich ferns bare root through the mail. When they arrived they had no directions, does anyone have any advice or weblinks they can give.

Your time is much appreciated.



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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

I'd do it just like you do any other bare root plant, Dig a hole, leave a mound in the middle, spread the roots out, and water Very Very well.

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Be careful not to cover the crown with soil. It should be the same level as the soil. You don't want it to rot.


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You only needed one or two. Bury in so the crown is just above the soil. WATER

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Thanks for the advice.

I planted them about a week ago. It seems about half have sprouted fiddleheads so far. I wound up planting them the way arcy said,

Thanks again.

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dirtdivarocks(z6 SW PA)

I planted about 12 ostrich ferns I bought on EBay last fall. I have a big woodland area and I planted them in different areas of my property. They all grew and are about 3 feet tall and beautiful!! My question is because I planted them in different areas will they multiply as fast as if I planted them together? How fast do they multiply? Should I do anything to help them along. I am so excited about the beauty they add to the landscape.

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it sounds like you got them from the same guy that I did. Isn't it amazing that a little stick like that can turn into a plant. Mine have been in for about two weeks now and are just starting to sprout fiddleheads. I can't wait until they are 3 feet tall.


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I think you will find they will multiply quite fast. They follow the perennial rule, first year rest, second .... third year leap. I spent Saturday cutting ostrich ferns off at the crown. They get so tall they hide my other shade plants. I did notice they wander in a straight line. They do not seem to fan out.

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