Is it Ladyfern?

PurplethumbedLes(8)May 27, 2014

The landscape company that did the heavy lifting for my Northwest Native edibles backyard provided and planted three ladyferns at my request. I've no expertise; just picked that plant to align with the theme with never a thought of actually harvesting and eating the fiddleheads. This year, a close friend who is a formidable gardener disclaimed them as ladyferns because the fiddleheads were a rusty brown color, not green "like asparagus." I never noticed their color in prior years: perhaps they were green, but perhaps not. It's been unusually rainy this year: could that be causing the rusty color?

My friend is pretty knowledgeable, but not infallible. Anybody out there want to weigh in on what I've got here? I'll take closeup pics if you'll tell me what to look for.


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Not an expert but I do have lady ferns and their Spring fiddleheads are all green. However, according to some websites I've visited, fiddleheads can be discoloured for various reasons and yours could still be a lady fern but maybe a "damaged or diseased(?)" one. So I think you should take some pics of the whole fern and maybe some close ups of the fiddleheads and I'm sure someone here or on name that plant can ID for you.

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lycopus(z5 NY)

There are cultivars that have a red rachis. A photograph of the frond, preferably showing the spore-bearing structures on the back would help with identification.

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