Indentify This Plant Sprouting up EVERYWHERE (maybe fern?)

InFluxJune 8, 2014

so this is my first season in my new home and i have a tiny plant rapidly sorting up everywhere in a few areas. very confused by it and i don't know if i should pull it because it looks like it is everywhere, or if it is something lovely that will cover some kinda uncovered areas.

the previous owners where pretty impressive active gardeners

i don't see anything that looks like a grown up version

the area where most (but far from all) of the sprouts are is a area covered by 4-6" river rocks as grown cover and some roses and hostas. there is a tree we think is a mountain ash near the area and at first we thought it was related, but now are thinking it might not, mostly because one would think a search would tell you is mouton ash seeded that badly.

nearly all of it pull up super easy and look like clearly recent growth, but i did find one spot where the root looked like 2nd year growth, like it snapped off last year when it was weeded and is coming back on a thicker roots now.

thanks for your help, if there isa better section to post this, please let me know, i started here because some plant smart friends keep thinking it is a fern.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

I don't know what it is, but I doubt it's a fern. I suggest you post this on GW's Name That Plant! forum.

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I'd agree, ot doesn't quite have that fern look to it. Do you have photos of the under side of the leaves? Also where the stems arise from the ground. New leaves in ferns unfurl, giving them the name "crozier", after a bishop's staff.

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lycopus(z5 NY)

Might be Sorbaria sorbifolia, which is an aggressive spreader.

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