Help with id?

fitzloblJune 22, 2009

Hello. I'd like to know if anyone can help me id the fern in the center of this photo -- with the long, thin leaves that are almost white. I believe it is a fern, but I have not been able to find anything like it on any of the website or galleries I've checked.

Thanks so much for your help!!


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I think this might be, instead of a fern, some kind of dwarf bamboo. Pleioblastus Chino Elegantissimus? Pleioblastus chino "Murakamiensis" ? Pleioblastus chino "Tsuboi" ?

Just a few wild guesses. It's an interesting looking plant whatever it is.

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I am pretty sure that is a Fern. I have it's very small brother or sister in my Fern collection.

I believe it is: Pteris nipponica 'Albo-lineata' ( Silver Ribbon Fern ) At least that is what the tag says, that is in it.

I posted a link to a photo of a similar Fern. I found it on I didn't buy mine there. I happened to be given it, as a gift bought from a local place in town. I really like this Fern and was happy to see another one similar to mine on this site.

Thanks for making my day!!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Wow, it really does look a lot like the Pteris nipponica! So unusual I thought it was perhaps a dwarf bamboo. It's native to Japan I assume? What an interesting and beautiful fern.

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