how to get rid of ferns???

iliteJune 19, 2007

I see all the postings sayng you are worried about ferns dying, ,,I am trying to get rid of mine. They are everywhere and choking out all other plant life,, a real nusance. I have tried all kinds of weed killer but don't want to go too strong as we are on a well system., and there are too many to replant,, total infestation. Any ideas???

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Dig them out, invite other people over to dig them out (and take them home for free), get some goats to come over (but I'm not 100% that would work).

I suppose you have Ostrich fern, people describe it as being that way.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ostrich Fern

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By the way, here's a similar question posed earlier.

Here is a link that might be useful: getting rid of ferns

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Hey upper, former trollie down here, before I moved to Nashville... ;-p

Boy oh boy, I wish I could get my arms on all those ferns you're trying to kill. I have a almost exclusively partial-full shaded lot down here in Nashville, TN and a truckload of those ferns would look marvelous under the thicket of cedars I just cleared.

That being said, I'd try hacking them all off to the stubs, painting on some super round-up concentrate on the stubs, and then pinning down some clear plastic over them (to solarize them) would pretty much ensure the root-system doesn't survive.

After a season or two of that you'll be able to get them under control, I've used the same technique down here to control a case of wild rudaeralis i found growing along my property line. And trust me when I say that stuff is tough to kill...

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I think they are Bracken ferns (brake) but not sure,, they have a thick stalk, stand about 2.5 ft tall in an almost palm tress/umbrella type leaf hanging. I have tried the weed waking down to bottom of stem, put a little of the weed killer solution on it and I think it makes them grow back stronger lol.They do have the fiddle heads when young and some have spores,,, if you want some I will send them to who ever will take them,,If I could make a dime off of every fern here I would be set financially for life lol. Thanks for the advice., and will try the plastic covering as well.

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Bracken is a pretty bad fern and I would not take one for FREE. When you weed whack them you reduce the amount of foliage that can absorb the herbicide. Better to spray the foliage and not cut them down at all (that approach is better for woody plants).

I've heard that you have the best effect if you do it in the heat of the day - like around 2 pm. You do have to be careful about what else is around and don't do it on a windy day.

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If you haven't gotten rid of these, I would love to send you postage for some.

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I've got a lot of ferns I'm trying to get rid of, if anyone is interested in them or knows how to get rid of them, please let me know.

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Bracken fern tends to be alleopathic, to the extent of killing everything in root reach (including trees) besides being really invasive. That is the reason you see whole meadows full of it and nothing else. If you want this fern, I would suggest planting it where you want ONLY ferns, like the edge of a woods or clearing and only where you have plenty of room to for it to spread. They like medium to dry soil.

Ostrich fern is aggressive but not really invasive and easily dug and divided, given away to friends. It transplants really easily. It is a native fern. I have noticed over the years that most of the so-called ostrich ferns that are sold in packages in the big box stores are really cinnamon least that has been my experience over the last 30 years or so. I finally actually got ostrich ferns from a friend that was digging some out. They like a moist spot and will get 5' tall with enough water and sun, (I've seen them growing in Maine in 2' of water in full sun) but will tolerate dry soil also in partial shade.

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