looking for mushroom identification forum

francis_eric(5 Illinois)June 22, 2010

Today I have found some brick or blood red mushrooms under my bushes

that look as if they are covered in velvet.

That I would like to identify.

I have browsed around looking for a forum ,

and I have not been having luck .

I also found one that look like it was a amanita it had a ring on the stem, was white, and had pink gills.

(or Onrange gills, but it was a couple of weeks ago, and I can not remember, but I would of taken a picture of it if I were to post on a forum.)

I have tried doing spore prints, before so I would also put those on the forum

So if you know of a identification forum please let me know.

(I think the gills are yellow (the stem isn't red)

but Im not going to pull them up until I can get a camera with a USB cable.

I know I could post here, but I want to get into this

so I would pretty much post alot of pictures.

Before you give me a warning I should let you know

I know the hazards, and have ate edible plants for a a while.

I just thought I'd say something

so you wouldn't have to take the time to warn me.

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They sound very interesting but so far nothing like anything I'm familiar with off the cuff...if only GardenWeb would fix the 'Mushroom' forum so that it doesn't display 'ferns & mosses' people might have a better chance at your mystery mushroom....
Only need to post pic of the cap, gills, & stalk (no need to post 100 pics or anything); otherwise a description of spore print color and habitat (soil, mulch, trees nearby etc) Sounds like you know the drill.
HTH and look forward to hearing back

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I have several small to medium sized mushrooms growing around my yard. They are a light orange color and have no defined shape, all are different. There is a very large old Live oak near by. Any Ideas?

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summer_fashion(z5 IN)

If you go to www.indianamushrooms.com I think you'll be able to get a lot of good information. Ron Kerner is an expert at identifiying all types of mushrooms. Go to his site its very informative, plus if you have any questions, Ron will answer them.

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