Did I do this right? - Growing moss?

destanyJune 15, 2007

Don't mean to intrude, I've never posted in this forum before. I'm wanting to grow moss on some of the rocks and the tree stump around my pond. The area is shady and the ground is always moist, though the rocks are usually not. I've tried to mimic the conditions of the creek behind my house, where moss flourishes.

I harvested some moss from the creek, and put it in a bowl with a bit of water to make it squishy - then I added some plain organic yogurt and blended it. It was cake batter consistency, and then I painted it onto my rocks and stump.

Though, it dried by the time I went back inside. I know not to pour water on it, obviously, I'll wash the mixture off. But is it okay now that it's dried up? Should I go out and mist it a couple times a day with a squirt bottle? Will it really grow moss?

I can go and get more moss anytime I like, to redo it if I messed up the process. Thanks.

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Dont know if the link below will help you or not. there is a link on growing mosses on anything using your modified
"buttermilk" method. I would think that humidity is necessary for your method to succeed. You may want to fog the air in order to push up the humidity.
The most important thing would be that your conditions would normally support the mosses in your created habitat.
That would mean comparable moisture and shade, coolness,which are the primary needs of such mosses.

Here is a link that might be useful: growing moss

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I would think that misting the moss would help. Make sure to use distilled/rain water though, tap water can have lime dissolved in it that moss doesn't like very much.

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