Moss terrium advice

michael1846(6)June 21, 2012

Help in starting a moss,lichen terrium with ball moss(common air plant in Floridia ) got the ball moss in florda but is it ok to put moss and lichen together with the moss and ball moss and if I can get it is it ok to put liverwart in with them what fertilizer can I mix with water for them so they grow faster I heard some fertilizer kills moss and all the moss has spores how fast will the moss,moss spores grow if lichen grows fast enough I want to put bark on the back of the taink so the lichen grows up or is that a bad idea please give me advice I really want this to grow fast and green agen are these things even possible and can I mix mosses from different states I'm sorry for all the quesions thanks

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I'd suggest looking at some of the "Vivarium" forums
for advice on terrariums. I've found mosses and lichens difficult to grow in those situations though I only keep one 150 gallon terrarium It mostly holds flowering plants .
just google that name and you'll get tons of choices!!! gary

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