Staghorn problem

maxmom96June 6, 2007

I have two bifucatum Netherlands, one 8 or 9 years old, the other only a bit over 1 year. Never had any problem with the older one that is mounted on a piece of wood, and the newer one shares exactly the same conditions except that it is mounted on a redwood frame with moss, purchased specifically for stags.

The newer one continues to drop healthy green fronds. It is hanging on my patio next to the older one, with nothing coming in contact with it to cause the fronds to break off. I do see new growth routinely, but I find maybe a frond or two per week that have fallen off. The older stag thrives and continues to grow.

Anyone have any idea what's going on?

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This is the time of year stags shed last year's fronds. Sometimes they yellow a little before dropping; sometimes not. If your new growth looks good, not to worry.

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Thanks houstonpat. I'm familiar with the routine shedding of fronds and I'm afraid this isn't it. It's been doing this rather consistantly for some time, even when it was inside the house for the winter, although not to such as great an extent as now. Both stags were brought outside at the same time; late April, if I remember correctly, but certainly when the temps were no lower than 50 at night.

At this rate, it will drop fronds faster than it can produce them. I don't believe the older stag has dropped any within the last month. I'll hang in there and hope that the young one is able to recover.

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