moss propigation v. transplant

squirrel_girlJune 25, 2006

I have a moist shady area near the woods in my back yard that I would like to develop into a moss garden. There is a faint dusting of green developing naturally on the soil, but it hasn't changed much in the past month. Nearby, I have a few 6" by 2" patches of moss growing that must be moved. Also, I have a 12" by 36" patch near my front door that is developing naturally. It is between a dusting and visible tiny moss patches.

1) Is it better to transplant the 6" patches whole and wait for them to spread naturally, or to sacrafice them to the blender method?

2) How early in the front door moss' development can I move it?

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1) Depends on how fast you want to get the new colony going.
2) I would wait til it is more established.

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mainemary(z4 ME)

Hi- I have successfully moved several types of moss to cover a concrete "bunker" in my yard. Be sure to bring some soil with the patches and water them often. Mosses grow slowly, but your patience will be rewarded!

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deep_woods(z5 central IL)

squirrel girl,

summertime is generally moss hibernation time unless you constantly water. By all means try tranplant first because the blender metthod relies on moss being kept wet/moist till the moss goes through the protonema stage, "fine green threadlike strands that later develop into moss". Even mature moss needs moisture to grow well. To improve moisture in the summer, cover ground with frost cloth to raise humidity or even plastic if ground is well shaded. Water with rainwater or distilled and if you do keep moss well hydrated then use an acid fertilizer, like for azaleas. Humidity, fertilization, warm temps (not too hot) and proper shade/lighting can casue moss to grow rapidly.


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