Fern in need of help!

texasyankJune 6, 2008

I purchased a fern a few weeks ago, and it's in trouble. It's a long-fronded, woody-stemmed fern. I had it indoors at first, sitting on top of a tall entertainment center. When it began dropping leaves, I thought it needed better light, so I moved it out to a bright area on the patio, out of direct sun. Now the leaves are turning black and are still falling off, although not at the same rate.

When I first got it, it was ridiculously thick, so I thinned out about half of the fronds. There is some new growth, but it doesn't look very healthy.

The next step I'd planned was to divide and transplant it. Will this help deter any further blackening and loss of the leaves?


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Did you repot it? What are your watering habits with it? Can you provide a picture?

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Make sure you are not overwatering. It needs good drainage too.

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