Alfafa Mulch and Ferns?

ak0402June 26, 2006

Well, I have a 2-climate garden. In my front yard, I have open southeast exposure where roses just thrive (z5b). In my back yard, I have northwest exposure, with mostly full shade and some dappled light (z5b). At any time of the year, there's a 10-15 degree temperature difference between the front and the back. In the backyard I have ferns. For my front yard roses I regularly use alfafa meal (very popular on the Gardenweb's Roses Forum), which is fantastic for the roses. It's a mulch, it keeps the soil from drying out, and it's a mild fertilizer too. Since I have to buy alfafa meal in 50-lb. bags, I have plenty of it. Can I spread it around the ferns too?

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Hi akchicago,

I have the same growing conditions that you do. I also grow ferns and hostas in my northerly side. I know a lot of hosta growers use the alfalfa meal. I wouldn't think it would hurt ferns, I can't imagine that it would, except that ferns really don't need much in the way of fertilizers. They usually do well in relatively poor soils. I'm not sure what extra fertilizer would do for them.

I subscribe to the old motto, "If it's not broken, don't fix it."


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