Moss problem - Beautiful moss on patio turning black!

ancientoaksJune 5, 2009

Hi! am a new member of the Garden Web...Love it! Hope someone can help!

We have an old, beautiful brick patio, north side of the house. It does get some late afternoon sun for about 3 hours. We have been delighted to see over the past two years, beautiful, rounded deep green moss growing in the grout lines (sand). and some thinner mosses on the surface of the bricks. It got so many compliments..

Suddenly in the last two weeks I have noticed it turning black..the surface mosses AND the lumpy soft moss in the cracks...I am devastated..We had a wet spring, but in the last two weeks the rainfall has been normal...I DID water the patio about 4 days ago too long, but have done so before (last year for example) and never saw this...any ideas? anything I can do to regain this beautiful natural mossy growth? thank you!

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lycopus(z5 NY)

Some mosses turn black when they dry out and will green up when moisture returns. Perhaps your mosses have been replaced by a new species? Other than that, all I can think of is that something has resulted in conditions being unsuitable for them. Changes in light, or maybe the water from the tap has left calcium deposits that changed the pH of the substrate? I'm just speculating of course.

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