need reminder of name of fern.

grits10(8)June 8, 2005

I suddenly have a 1/4 acre full of that very fine fern that a lot of florists use in bouquets. I used to have the stuff as a houseplant a century ago, but now can't think of the name. any clue? Gosh moving to the country is so much fun!

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lol, sound okay to me......I know it resembles my edible asparagus ......

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

I bet its just growing wild as asparagus. They do produce small seed pods in late summer. They look a little like a green pea. I save these, and plant the seperated seeds in Janurary, then replant in my patch that same June. A true asparagus fern is supposedly a different type of asparagus, compared to the edible spears we see in spring. In Z6, the cutoff date as about a week or two ago, and any further harvesting of asparagus (eating type) should stop, and the rest be allowed to remain to grow into ferns until they die out in fall.

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