Asparagus fern is suffering and yellow HELP

ocngrlcwJune 21, 2005

i've got what i think is an asparagus fern. I've had it 6 years now. It lives in my fountain at work. The roots have grown completely into the water so it's not a dirt plant anymore, totally hydroponic.

here's my problem- my poor paul bunyan (named that since he sprouts a new shoot constantly and grows like a beanstalk) has recently gone from beautiful green and thriving to green, brown and yellow. All my co-workers are concerned. I'm sick over it and don't know what to do.

We moved offices recently and he got put in the direct sunlight (which hadn't bothered him before) and right under the air conditioner vent. The yellowing took about 1-2 months.

Our plant lady thought it was too much direct light so i moved him and got him out of the direct air flow as well. We also fertilized him but to no avail.

HELP! Paul has got to recover but i don't know what to put on him. I apperciate any help you can give me.

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

Could the problem be that the plant is not in soil anymore?

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Southernwood(z6 NJ)

It sounds like it got a big increase in the amount of direct sun? I don't think asparagus ferns (which are really asparagus, not ferns) like full, all-day sun. It may very well be too much. Also, having AC blowing directly on it would be very rough on the plant - very drying, and very cold.

General rule of thumb is to keep (most) plants that are resting (i.e., not growing and perhaps with reduced foliage) dryer than those in active growth. Many plants that can tolerate or even enjoy standing in water when in active growth will rot if the wetness continues when they are not sucking up lots of water to support lots of leaves and new growth. If the combination of lots more (probably too much) sun, plus cold, dry air blowing on it constantly has shocked it to the point that most of its foliage is yellowing and dying, you could be in danger of rotting the plant. The stress it is undergoing could also make it more vulnerable to rot. Is there any soil left to it, enough to let it dry out a bit without exposing naked roots to air? From what you describe, I'd want to get the plant away from that AC vent, and kept it a bit dryer (if possible) until it starts to send up some new shoots. Good luck!

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kisk99(7a East TN)

I've just sprouted a few asparagus ferns and was curious if you ever found the answer to your yellowing. How is it doing these days?


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Your asparagus fern needs acid.

Like dogwoods, azalas, etc., they love acid. Try adding acid to the water. I've never done anything hydroponic, but things I've used for my aspargus ferns are coffee grounds, prepared acidic fertilizer. Outdoors I use pine needle mulch. Let us know what happens!

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