We got rain!

sweetannie4u(midOK_z6b/7a)July 25, 2011

Yesterday evening, quite unexpectedly, we got a huge thunderstorm that unleashed the furry of THOR and a deluge of much needed rain. I was coming home from taking Mother shopping. Scary, but we were jubilant. Lightening hit right by the car as we were trucking down the road. It was so clse that only a white-blue flash and no sound. Blinding light for a few seconds. But, oh the rain!

More in the forecast all week off and on.

Happy me.

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Good for you! We have been lucky in that regard. High temps for several days, then thunderstorms, then more heat,ect. This morning dark clouds formed, but they passed right on over.

Yeah, the lightning can be fierce. Saturday evening I had the front door open while watching TV in the livingroom. The brightest, loudest flash of lightning hit what I thought was right in the middle of the road out front. Later I smelled for smoke in case my house or the neighbors may have been struck.

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I listened to the weather radio early this morning. They reported that this rain was totally unexpected - not at all predicted, and looks like there may be more to come off and on all week - very unpredictable at this point. Doesn't fit any weather patterns. Weird, but so welcome! Temps supposed to remain in the 100s, they said. Eeeek! But, maybe not. It's only 79 right now at 2:00. Doesn't seem likely to go that high, but who knows. It's very humid now of course. The sweat was pouring off me in nothing flat while I was out mulching and setting rocks here and there. Couldn't work very long. I got soak and wet.

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I don't even attempt to work out in humid weather anymore. Just can't take it. I need to edge the beds so bad right now or there will be double the work with all the grass creeping in them.

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Mmmmmmm, maybe running around chanting in the moonlight really works, you got rain, and, yesterday it registered 80 here. I haven't resorted to doing this myself yet but someone must have LOL. Summer has finally arrived here, fingers crossed it stays.


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