Thursday...and I'm making blueberry muffins for tea :)

lavender_lass(4b)July 22, 2010

I love Thursdays! I drink tea everyday, but Thursday is special.

Most Thursdays, I try to have tea somewhere in the garden (if the weather is nice) but today, I'm going to my mom's for tea. She loves blueberry muffins, so I'm making those this afternoon. They're so good with fresh blueberries and they've got orange juice and oatmeal in them...very healthy!

Enjoy your tea in a nice, cool, shady spot today...for those of you having those hot temperatures. Have a nice day :)

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

I'll be thinking of you all enjoying your tea this afternoon while I'm sitting in the dentist's chair. That time of the year again, Oh well, I bet I could be in the running for 'The Cleanest Mouth of the Day Award' if there was one :).


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I'll trade you a muffin for some grapes and cheese? Say hello to mom from me. Don't mention dentist to me!! My worst fear ever since a child. My teeth can prove it. :)

It's hot today but not here under an old apple tree in the orchard. I had been deadheading Phlox and trimming ivy for a couple of hours, decided to take my tea break early just after 12noon. I nearly dozed off with the sound of birds and a light breeze blowing.

Here is the little bistro table I re-painted. Did lavenderlass ask about the color? It is "Oliver Green", and so called because I bought the spray can at the local RKO and it is a farm machinery paint. Can you guess what the "Oliver" is? I thought this would be a tough paint and work very well for this little table that has sat out from May until October for many years.

The matching folding chairs have (or had) seats and backs of wooden slats, this year my broke right through the old slats! I hope to repair them someday, meanwhile I found these bronze metal arm chairs for only $26 each also at RKO several weeks ago. They are surprisingly comfortable. Original intention was to paint them the same green, but the bronze isn't that bad and blends in quite nicely with the trees.

My watchful teatime buddy:

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It's been pouring rain today so nothing doing outdoors here! I don't mind a day off from gardening and a break from the constant watering.

Your muffins sound wonderful LL. I'm sure you and your Mom had a great tea.

Very nice arrangement Schoolhouse - great job on the table. I'm still waiting to find a 'tea table' for outdoors at a yard sale.

Just for fun I quickly set up tea tray using a tea set recently purchased at a yard sale. I used the matching sugar bowl as a vase as there is no creamer so need to use a different cream and sugar anyhow. Everything except silver spoons are yard sale finds. My favorite shopping place!

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Nice score on the tea set, and I adore doillies. I have a little crystal vase that I used to put a few blooms in to pretty up the tea tray, now that I see your flowers I might have to bring that vase back out for duty. Very pretty arrangement, what is the purple? Alysum?

Have you ever tried Lapsang Souchong tea? Twinings used to sell it in a purple tin, it has a smoky flavor that I find too exotic. That was long ago though, maybe I'll buy some and try again.

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Annette- Sorry to hear you had to go to the dentist! I hate that, too, but I bet you did win the cleanest mouth of the day award. (LOL)

Schoolhouse- Grapes and cheese sound good. I like your new chairs with the table. I give up, what is the oliver for? Also, I love your bunny statue...where did you find it?

Luckygal- Beautiful tea set! My mom would love that, in fact, I'm taking a picture up to show her. Nice silver tray, too :)

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Thanks Schoolhouse, the flowers are yarrow. Most of the ones I seeded are pinks and reds but they self-seed and this one is a bit toward lavender/mauve which is different.

I don't think I've ever tried Lapsang Souchong tea. I used to try many different kinds but mostly drink Earl Grey and mint now. I guess it's time I tried some different ones.

LL, I couldn't resist this tea set for 6 with plates for only $5 altho I certainly don't need more dishes! I have quite a few silver plated trays (this is one of the plainest ones) as I buy them whenever they are $5 or less. I use them every day for serving and they are useful for vignettes. Does your Mom go to yard sales?

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The "Oliver" in the paint color "Oliver Green" stands for the make of a farm tractor called an Oliver. There are John Deeres, Fergusons and Olivers to name a few.

As far as the Lapsang Souchong tea, if I were you I'd buy a small pack of tea bags first instead of an entire tin. It really is an acquired taste. I just thought of it because of your oriental tea set.

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