It's Thursday already? Where to have tea today....

lavender_lass(4b)July 15, 2010

I can't believe it's already Thursday. It's been a crazy week, with high winds on Monday (which blew over my bean teepee) and sick kitty the past few days. Little guy is feeling much better today, so it's back to attacking the weeds in the kitchen garden!

While drinking tea in the middle of my weed pile might be more productive, it doesn't sound very appealing. I think tea on the porch might be more fun...and more comfortable!

I picked up the new Victoria magazine yesterday...and there are so many wonderful "tea" pictures. Have you seen the cherry tea cups on page 30? Very those would be perfect for a special tea in the fairy garden :)

What are your plans for today? Does anyone have a special place for tea? Hope you stay cool and enjoy such a beautiful day...sunny and low 80's here today, so shade will be nice, but it's still not too hot. Have a lovely Thursday!

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Good afternoon, Lass. I'm taking a cup here at the computer desk today, very hot outside. This first cup is a bit sweet - too much honey.

Finally finished painting the little green bistro table yesterday, took three days because I primed then sanded then gave it three coats; and could only work on it outside in the mornings and in late afternoons when the sun shifted to the west. It looks pretty good, considering how much rust was there.

Now, the next project is the old metal glider in the garden. I did manage to scrape most of the old loose paint off yesterday - over the years it was light green, then blue, then dark blue, then dark green. Which is what color it was when I bought it. I'm painting it Hunter Green only because Tinkertown Green doesn't come in a spray can! ha.

Yes, I saw the cherry tea cups on page 30 of Victoria. Delightful. I've tried to take the annual readership survey they speak of on page 13, but when I go to the web site there is nothing about a survey. I contacted them last month about it and got two replies that they would "direct my inquiry to the proper department". So, I just tried again but don't see the form to fill out. Do I have to register you think? I'll try that. They also have a discussion forum I see, but it doesn't appear too active.

I want to let them know that I think this July/August issue is their best issue since the magazine began again. I wish my courtyard was more shaded (like on page 50), I would set a table up there.

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Schoolhouse- I just went to the website and the survey was on the right hand side. I filled it out with no problem. Do you have spyware that blocks some of the internet site?

Very pretty tea cup and saucer. My mom loves blue and white china. Did you see the fireplace tiles on page 39? I think the courtyard you mentioned would be a wonderful place to have tea :)

Please post pics of your garden furniture, once it's painted. Green is so nice in the garden. Most of my furniture/arbors are black (just worked out that way) but the table and chairs on the porch are green!

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Yes, I have Adblock. Gee, I hate to turn it off just to fill out the survey. I'll try again, maybe they fixed it since I wrote them again. Thanks.

I turned to page 39 and saw the tiles, very pretty. That cup and one that matches it are the only blue/white that I have, and the scene is very charming. Noticed today how petite the handles are. I buy anything that has a cottage on it.

And you mentioned the courtyard photo - do you see the big green door? I toyed with the idea off and on over the years of replacing my garden gate with a door, but the privet hedge is sparse not very thick on either side of the gate and I don't think a door would look quite right,and esp. in winter when the all the leaves drop. Now, if I had the material, muscle OR money to replace that piece of hedge with a stone wall....

I'll take some photos of my furniture, that would be fun to share. Good luck with the survey, hope you win that $100! What would you spend it on?

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Thanks I was able to fill out the survey. Adblock has an option where you can disable the block on a page or web site you are viewing. I didn't realize that before.

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Plants! LOL

A door would be very nice...kind of give a "secret garden" feel to the the space. Stone walls would be beautiful, but I know what you mean. I think everyone is limited by muscles, materials and money, when it comes to the garden. What's amazing is all that we accomplish, in spite of our limitations! :)

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I wonder what it would like if I did a short stone wall, say 1/3 of the way up in front of the hedge(on the courtyard side)? Trouble is, I'd have to move plants,and I don't know about that. They are all so well established now.

One of the little sunken gardens has tall boxwood on either side its entrance, I always envisioned a door there; but some stone blocks on either side of some steps would have to be rearranged.

$100 sure doesn't buy what it used to; but I could find ways to spend it. Goodness, it's hot in my house all of a sudden - the weatherman said it's only 89 outside. :)

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Lilyfinch z7 mid tn

Hi there! I decided id hop on over after seeing LLs message on the other here with my iced tea!
Today i browsed around my favorite nusuries for some new plants. I found 2 monardas for 1 ! And i found a new dawn rose for 10 dollars, i know its going to swallow my shed but i think i have a good spot for it where it can spread out.
I sure could use garden inspiration, is Victoria a BHand G type magazine of is it more cottage chic? I used to love BHand G but then the garden part got so small. I let the subscription run out.

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Hello, lilyfinch. What flavor of iced tea are you having? My best friend swears that "Southern Sweet Tea" is the best and the fellow she used to date taught her his mother's "secret" recipe. The fellow is gone, but she has the ice tea recipe! ha.

Congrats on the nursery finds! As far as the magazine Victoria, your best bet would be to go to the website and get a glimpse. We subscribers are pure romantics, at least I know I am:

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Hello Ladies! First time at the Tea Party. I'm a coffee drinker and now I'm on ice water. :) Hate hot tea but love the teacups!

Since it's so hot and very humid out today I mostly piddled around the house, re-arranging plates and a couple of tea related items on it.

Then I filled a new vase with some berry sprays I ordered online.

Here's a picture of my latest tea related purchase. A night light for my hutch.

This is fun!

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LL, glad to hear your kitty is better. Things have been crazy around here too, nothing like being retired and overworking! The watering alone with all the new plants is a constant job so I just seem to pull weeds as I'm watering. Really should set aside a day to do it properly but there are so many other things to do.

I love Victoria magazine also but only occasionally pick up a copy.

Nice teacup Schoolhouse! I love seeing your lovely cups. I really should unpack more of mine. Haven't seen them in years as have no place to put them. Only have about a dozen in use/display that were yard sale finds.

I've been drinking iced tea today as it was nearly 80 here. Lovely day and I spent quite a few hours outside and finally finished my new rose bed we started from scratch. Then made a big batch of mulch for it and applied it. So tomorrow it's on to something different, we're going to get back to fencing and I also have to paint the inside of my garden house. I think I might be looking forward to winter this year for a rest!

Oakleyok, I love your teacup nightlight!

Since you ladies appreciate china teacups I'll show a few of mine. Except for the 2 demitasse on the top shelf all these were yard sale finds for $1-2. each. I can't resist a nice teacup! The 'cabinet' was made by my DH and faced with an old frame from a YS.

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What a beautiful display cabinet and teacups!

I went ahead and subscribed to Victoria since I live in an area where it's hard to find.

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The cabinet is brilliant. The first cup on the second shelf, is it Royal Albert? I used to collect those, a gift shop in a nearby city carried new designs every year; but no more.

Wish I had the right spot for a nightlight like that, oakley. The same shop I mentioned has a few. My outlets are all near the baseboards.

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Lilyfinch and Oakleyok- I'm so glad you came to join us for tea!

Lilyfinch- That's a great deal on your monardas and I'm so glad you found a New Dawn. It sounds like you have the perfect place for it. I can just imagine your shed covered with pink will be beautiful :)

Oakleyok- I love your nightlight. Where did you find it? I think you're going to enjoy Victoria magazine. They have such interesting articles and great pictures.

Luckygal- Congrats on finishing your rose bed! That's a lot of work. What a nice cabinet and you have some lovely teacups. Your DH did a very nice job on that project!

While we usually have tea on Thursdays, I'm going to have tea right now, so anytime a cup of tea (and maybe some conversation) is important, start a thread and we'll stop by and visit :)

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BecR(zone 9 CA 19)

It's hot hot hot and humid here!!! Yesterday we had thunderstorms causing several fires in the area, and temps in the triple digits. Today it's just plain hot! I'm taking it easy and cooling off with a nice glass of iced lemon verbena tea. :) Becky

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Your recipe for lemon verbena tea, please!

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I second that request...that iced tea looks so refreshing!

Sorry about your hot temps. Hopefully things will cool down soon :)

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BecR(zone 9 CA 19)

Here ya go..I got the recipe from a friend on recipezaar (now '').

P.S. I sometimes add a bag of herbal tea to the mix, and let steep for the last 3-4 minutes. ENJOY!! :) Becky


1 liter still mineral water
1 handful fresh lemon verbena leaves
5 leaves fresh mint
3 tablespoons honey, or to taste

1) Bring water to a boil and remove from heat.

2) Add lemon verbena, mint and honey.

3) Infuse for 10 minutes, then strain.

4) Cool and serve over ice.

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I have lemon balm, no lemon verbena anymore. It reminds me of Laura Ingalls, she said her teacher "smells like lemon verbena".

I'll have to find someone who is growing it. Thanks for posting the recipe.

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BecR(zone 9 CA 19)

Schoolhouse, you are welcome. I remember the Little House on the Prairie show,and Laura Ingalls saying that abut her teacher. :) As a matter of fact I have most of the series on DVD.

The tea would also be good with Lemon Balm, or lemon-scented geranium, or lemon grass or.... just about any lemony herb. My favorite herb is lemon verbena, though it is the QUEEN of lemon herbs with it's exquisite and distinctive lemon flavor!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!


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