Autumn fern

SanAntonioRoseTooJune 12, 2005

I have a beautiful fern (or was) I bought from Lowe's but it doesn't look too good or rather it's definitely not thriving. I don't believe I've had one before and would like some tips to help it do well. It's botanical name is Dryopteris erythosora. I'd appreciate any advice.



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karinl(BC Z8)

Planted too deep? Too dry or too sunny, or both?

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I have not visited fern etc. for a few weeks. I came today to express my acceptance and sadness that my Autumn fern did not come back this year. It was two years old and since it made it through its frist winter, and I remembered to mulch this past winter I had high hopes for it. I got mine at a big box store also, the label said 4 for zone hardiness. There is some debate which zone I am in here in MN, so I took the risk. It was such a beautiful plant. I hope yours makes it SanAntoinio Rose Too!!

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redcat72(z7 MD)

Sorry your fern did not make it arcy. Since you brought up wintering I was wondering what the best way to overwinter your ferns. Several of the ones I purchased earlier this year say they are "evergreen" in my zone. In addition to my "evergreens" I've also got Autumn Fern, Japanese Painted, Duck Fern and Lady Fern. I assume those aren't evergreen. Any suggestions for making sure they come back next year?

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karinl(BC Z8)

I'm no expert at overwintering, being in Zone 8 and not having much to worry about (not to mention I frequently lose things that are marginal here!) Maybe you're best off to start a new discussion thread with overwintering in the title, so that people who know more will find your question.

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dsb22(z7 VA)

I purchased my first fern this spring and it's an autumn fern. I have it indoors, so I don't know if this info will be of any use to you. It is thriving, so far (knock on wood), in our finished basement. It gets filtered afternoon light through blinds that are closed, but that's it. So they must really like shade. The temp is probably in the mid-upper 60s most of the time. (However I must say it's the only fern that has liked this spot. One Japanese painted fern right next to it didn't make it and a second one almost expired before I transplanted it outside.) I water every other day or so, to keep the soil moist but not soggy.
Hope this helps a little

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Thanks dsb22 - I think you're on to something. I moved all my plants from my old house to a new house with a smaller courtyard and as a result my autumn fern is in almost solid shade and seems to like it! I can't believe it's in the 100's here but shade and copious watering seems to be helping. Thanks so much for the info.

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In regards to over wintering, I am sure mine was because of the zone I am in. I have several ferns and all do fine. I knew Autumn was a risk, but for the one and a half years I had it it was worth it! The map says I am in zone 4 but my old boss, owner of a local green house says that is nuts we are zone 3. Hence I mulched it hoping it would help. We had a bad winter no snow wise and I lost several mums too. The summer it grew it was in morning sun and loved it.

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dirty_fingers_325(z5 NY Catskills)

Give it a in Z5 it is very slow to come up in the spring. Mine is just now showing its grace. It gets morning sun and then dappled shade.

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