Volunteer ferns in the garden

frankielynnsieJune 10, 2014

I have Spleenwort ferns growing under the edge of the RR ties that were used to terrace a slope in the side yard. I have left them alone for 15 yrs but they are now becoming a problem because they have spread so far. I have teased them out and would like to put them somewhere they can spread as much as they want.

They have been dug up for about a month and are still alive. I just pulled them out in clumps and put them in a big pot together and kept them watered.

Can you grow spleenworts in pots? Can I put them under the oak tree and expect them to colonize the mulched area? Or is this not a good idea? I would also like to put them between the rocks of the water garden. Will they do ok there? Do you have any other suggestions for places to relocate these?

A bracken fern and 2 chain ferns had also sprouted in this area. I want to keep them alive too, but in a different location. I have some dry woods and can put the bracken fern there. Can I put the chain fern in the bog garden?

There was moss growing around them and it was pulled free too. I have put it in a tray from the nursery lined with plastic with holes punched in it filled with a sand/peat mixture from the bog garden. It has been in this pan for a month and is growing well. What can I do with it? I hate to kill anything.

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I stuck them under the oak tree and between the rocks of the waterfall at my pond. Hopefully they will survive and multiply.

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