Thursday tea in July

lavender_lass(4b)July 7, 2011

Hello, was your fourth? Sorry I missed tea last week, but it's been crazy around here. While things are finally calming down a bit, I'm happy to say it's in the 80s today and I've been enjoying my garden...finally :)

Today, I plan to have my Earl Grey with some cinnamon muffins with orange frosting. They're my experimental recipe and they've turned out very nicely! I love orange with cinnamon and there's a little vanilla and maple syrup in there, too.

My garden has really taken off, but we're still so far behind, due to all the wet and cool weather (which is very unusual for us in May and June). The roses are just starting to bloom, the dutch iris are still blooming and the tulips just quit blooming a few weeks ago. My peonies aren't even open yet, but I have salvias blooming and the conflowers are budding out...very unusual! LOL

I hope you all have a lovely Thursday and enjoy your tea...and your gardens, today :)

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It's been so hot here, can't even go outside to do much unless it's early in the morning or almost dark. So far, things aren't wilting, but we need a soaker about now.

No tea today, but I'm having tea several times a week now again. Just like old times. So glad you started Thursday Tea and made me drag all the china and trays out again. It relaxes me and stimulates me at the same time; but I have to be careful and not drink tea after 5pm. Keeps me awake at night if I do.

I may have breakfast in the garden tomorrow if it's not raining or the mosquitoes aren't too bad. They have been so bad at any time of the day this year!

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Yay!! I was hoping for a tea day ;) It was hot enough that I substituted peach punch with blueberry ice cubes (nothing fancy, just froze whole blueberries into the ice cubes).
Schoolhouse, it is very hot here, also- I'm so sorry and hope you get some relief.
Here is not awful because
A: It cools down at night very well
B: I made a deal with myself after a horrid heat wave 9 years ago when I was pregnant and miserable beyond belief that no matter how hot it was, I wouldn't act or talk as though it were unbearable, and somehow I'm able to fairly cheerfully deal with it now. (Maybe just denial, but it does help lol)
I got two incredible exchanges today, so that was very Very fun!!!
And lastly, I went to make May Wine recipe from last tea time, and am all acting like such a professional, then my friend said, "Wait a minute, isn't that pachysandra?"
Me: *blankly* Well, so it is. Lol.
It just became an odd sangria.

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crackingtheconcrete, you crack me up!

Well, guess what? I woke up to thunder this morning, and we got the soaker I was wishing for plus it's still raining. I wouldn't mind if it rained all day. There's something calming about sitting with a cup of tea in the semi-dark library by the big window and watching the rain come down.

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Hmmm I forgot all about tea yesterday, spent the day puttering, at the end of the day I really couldn't see if I'd accomplished anything, ever have a day like that?

Today Calamity and I went over to Frank's, remember the friend's cottage garden I posted pictures of last spring? We had a nice visit with Frank and his wife Ann, he served us a 'Kick Ass' cup of coffee, yep that's what the coffee's called. It was soooooo good, I'm going to have to look for it the next time I go shopping.

Frank has LOTS of roses blooming, the fragrance wafting through the air as we wandered around looking at his garden, roses blooming every where my eyes seemed to wander, some were entwined with other plants or scrambling along the ground, others were spilling over latticed arches in reckless abandon. Kiftsgate was scrambling up a tree and lordy, the name has just escaped me a peachy colored rose, the scent, devine. I must ask Calamity the name, she knows, she just ordered it, now I want it.
He also had some very nice delphiniums blooming and as we sat chatting I noticed to the back of me an ivy, green with a white edge scrambling up a mature evergreen. It looked so beautiful against the rough bark, the bark had a silvery sheen to it, made a beautiful picture. He had a Virginia Creeper climbing another mature tree, he said he got it from Bill, I said the Virginia Creeper I was growing on our fence came from Bill too, Bill's last name was drifting in and out of both of our memory banks but it finally came to me :). That's what happens folks when your memory bank so full it takes a minute or two to sort through stuff, it doesn't have anything to do with age LOL.

Frank was getting rid of some containers and an assortment of pots, he decided to cut down the number of containers he planted, it was getting to be a bit much, soooo, guess what came home with us, ahhhh yes, it was a very enjoyable morning.


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Annette, that sounds like a wonderful, wonderful day! Thanks for describing it all so well.
We are having thunderstorms, so I've been walking around in bare feet in the rain, poking handfuls of buddleia cuttings into spare containers and planting lots and lots of little Sedum and other starts. I had 3 exchanges all come at once and I am almost literally in heaven! ;)

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lois(PA Zone 6)

Well, I'm doing a lot better after we turned on the central air, LOL. I can't face the thought of baking right now in this heat. The only exception will be roasting tomatoes in the toaster oven (which does not heat up the whole kitchen like the regular oven does) later this summer. LL, I tried growing broccoli this spring and have yet to see any florets. I wonder if they only form in cooler weather.

Annett's visit with Frank does sound like a memory to treasure.

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