anyone mounted a staghorn on driftwood?

chuy415June 23, 2005

i recently mounted one on driftwood, and it seemed like it was doing okay.. until it just suddenly stopped growing i think.. but i have it near a bay window and it gets some indirect light and i spray it about 2-3 times a week. anyone have any suggestions. thanks

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Here's my question to you: is the growing point at least at a horizontal position or higher? The funny thing about staghorns is that if the growing point is pointing even slightly downward the plant will cease growing and eventually will fade away. So point that thing upward if it isn't already!

Also, in the summer months give it all the water it can take and keep it humid. The more the better. I've heard they love banana peals as a fertilizer, though I've never tried this. In the winter "dry it out", that is don't water so much and cool it off too, somewhere between 50-65F. Good luck. PF

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I just mounted a Staghorn on a piece of driftwood and it dries out quicker than I can spray it!!! It is in a east window receiving dappled sunlight. I have placed a container of water at its base for humidity as well as other plants. Also, one of the leaves is turning yellow but none of the others are so I think I can still save it. Any advice?

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