MDav1301June 17, 2011

Have a small (so far) outbreak of stinkhorns (dog?) right below my beautiful rose bushes in the mulch in the West facing front of my home. I know that there's not really anything you can do to completely get rid of them, that they're not harmful to kids or pets and are not bad for your flowers. They are, however, smelling really, really bad. I'm not interested in replacing all of my mulch (which I may have overmulched, not sure) or paying loads of money to have something done (which is that a ripoff anyway?). I would, however, like to at least try to control them a bit so they don't take over the entire bed covering the front of the house. I've been covering the actual mushrooms with plastic bags before digging them up so as to prevent the spores from flying, and then digging up the "eggs" (there's always at least 5-10 large ones for every mushroom and then small (bean sized) ones dispersed throughout the mulch. I bag them and throw them away. I read to try to remove the surrounding mulch but I feel like I'm just spreading them everywhere! I also read to rake and turn the mulch periodically, but considering all the warnings on NOT spreading the spores is this wise? It obviously needs it, it gets the white moldy looking stuff pretty thick underneath. So my plan for now is to remove the mushrooms, the "eggs" I can find, and leave the mulch and then in the heat of the day rake and spread the mulch. Does this sound right? It's manageable now, not sure what I would do if they grow completely out of control.

Only other question is if there is something to spray in the area that covers the smell? That's the really annoying part.



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Whoa didn't mean to post this here, sorry!! I'll repost in Mushrooms, and is there a moderator to remove this? Sorry!

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