what is this on my 'flapjack' plant

sherryinmaine(5a)October 6, 2009

Hi, perhaps later I can post a pic, (dd knows how, I dont)but there are little 'pock' marks, or 'dots' that look like my kalanchoe thyrsifolia has been repeatedly attacked with an ink pen . . . noticed same on one of my jade plants. Any ideas? The flapjack plant has some on some leaves, then the leaves have turned yellowish, then brown & die back.

At first I blamed my chickens (they've done similar things to other kinds of plants) but the pock marks arent consistant with their beak marks.

Checked the plants closely, rinsed leaves, stalk well (dont know if that was a no no or not) I dont have a clue what it is.

Any idea?

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I think you mean Kalanchoe luciae according to the World expert Toelken The plant comes from Transvaal, and has white flowers on a long stem.
Kalanchoe thyrsiflora has deep golden yellow flowers with a honey perfume. Does grows close to the ground and flops over has deep golddn yellow leaves covered with thick powder (farinose) all over the leaves. These plants need warmth to grow right in the winter, they hate the cold and do not do well and may die. Norma

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sherry, are the dots ON the plant -- as in, on the *surface* of the plant -- or are they actual indentations *into* the plant? It sounds like the latter.

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norma, I dont know if it is l or t . . . . it has white powdery leaves. Just got it a couple of weeks ago, no flowers. Along with the rest of the plants, am bringing inside soon.

amccour, yes the pock marks or dots are in the leaf. Like someone struck repeatedly with a tip of an ink pen.
Too bad my kid is such a busy person; I'd have her take a photo and show you. This also has affected one of my jade plants. No bugs, no white cottony stuff, no scale. Looked in the soil, nothing except 'dirt'

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