brown tips & spots on staghorns. Please help!

lou_violette(8a)June 17, 2005

I have several platyceriums which I keep in a greenhouse in the winter and under a tree in the summer. One is an upright growing plant with blunt tips. I have had to spray it several times this past year with Safer soap to control mealy bugs. I try to remember to wash the leaves off after an hour or so and also try to remember never to fertilize when the medium is dry, but this plant continually has tip burn - the tips turning dry and brown and curling up. Now the common bifurcatums are also showing brown tips and my huge andinum has brown-black spots on the shield. We had a cold, wet spell last month and I suspect fungus. I have dusted with maneb and sprayed with daconil and sulphur but the spot keeps growing on the andinum and tips keep turning on the bifurcatums and the unknown plant.

Does anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong and what I can do to stop the fungus - if it is fungus? And stop the tips from shrivelling?

Thank you for your assistance.

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harvey12(z7 NC)

It is hard to picture the spots from your description, but remember that this species has spores that appear as brown patches on the "leaves". Could this be spores?

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Thank you for replying. These are definitely not spore patches. The spots that I think may be fungus are on the shield fronds and are blackish. The brown tips are on fertile fronds. They are dry, curled and crackly and about the same brown as a grocery sack - only darker.

Any ideas? I love these plants and would hate to lose them.

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