Fern Identification ..PLease!!

dosaye(Zone 9)June 10, 2005

Can someone tell me the name of this particular fern?

I don't think it is Boston fern it is more hardier.



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Well, if it isn't Boston fern it's another closely-related species in the genus Nephrolepis.

Patrick Alexander

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I too live in Florida and have these same ferns and would like to know what they are called! Also I would like to be able to offer them for trading, but not sure how to ship them, would I cut off foliage and wrap roots to ship or is it easy to save spores from this fern?
Hope someone can help!!!
Brenda in FL

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deeproots(8b South Ga)

Nephrolepsis cordifolia "Florida Sword Fern"

if you are in doubt of the species name, pull some up.... do you see little fleshy root balls? ok than it is definatly the species cordifolia.

fairly common, I personally like it when it grows on a palm tree.


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Baggy(Midlands UK)

I have grown this from spore, and on mine the fronds have crested is this normal?

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harvey12(z7 NC)

It looks like a sword fern, Nephrolepis exaltata. It grows beautifully in Florida, but does not tolerate the colder weather beyond zone 8. I have tried it here in N. Carolina, and it barely survived one winter under heavy mulch, but died shortly thereafter. It is easy to transplant, and does well in a greenhouse. It is supposed to be the ancestor of all Boston ferns, so I would recommend that you treat it as such, bringing it indoors in the winter, unless you live in Florida!

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