Should I cut back broken ferns?

jugglerguy(z4-5 MI)June 9, 2005

My parents have a bunch of ferns planted at their house. The other day they had a thunder storm with hail and wind. Now the ferns are all knocked over and look really bad compared to what they did before. They are mostly interupted ferns and cinnamon ferns I think. Should they just leave them looking bad all summer? Will they stand themselves back up? Should they cut them back and let them regrow? Thanks for any advice you can give me.


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waplummer(Z5 NY)

If the stems are merely bent you could prop them up in some way. If the fronds have been broken they can be cut off.

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jugglerguy(z4-5 MI)

If I cut them back, will they regrow new ferns?

If I prop them up, will they need to be propped the whole summer or will they get stronger stems and eventually stand on their own?

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