Please ID mushroom

dcarch7July 4, 2006

Please ID this. Poisonous? edible?



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No idea, but those are really NICE pictures. Sorry. Cheryl

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Thanks anyway.

I am hoping someone would tell me if they are edible.
I got them regularly on my lawn.


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

No responsible person is likely to tell you whether or not a 'lawn' mushroom is edible or not by looking at a couple of images. And no one in their RIGHT mind would take that kind of advice to their saute pan. ;-) I mean, think about it! There are soooo many mushrooms with similar appearance that without the ability of examining them in person, an accurate identification cannot be guaranteed. Frankly, I might have been interested in identifying your mushoom if it were not for the fact that you are so interested in eating it! YIKES!

That's why no one has answered your post, I am guessing. Sorry. You should consider them non edible. Try to find a mycologist or mushroom collector in your area.

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rhizo_1 ,

You are absolutely, 100% correct. I am very aware of the dangers regarding mushroom consumption. There is no possible way I will be eating anything until I am 1,000%, double, triple, verified by experts in the field of the type. Even then I will try it out on a friend first [just kidding :-) ].
I want to know if something is poisonous or possibly edible because I want to know not because I want to eat it.

Thanks for the response. Good advice.


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Great! Glad you clarified your interest! The 'I want to know' is something I totally understand and appreciate!

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Think about this! My puppy just yesterday evening ate a mushroom from our backyard...He is at this time in the Vet Emergency recouping after a very bad reaction. Iv's, meds, and 650.00 later Thank God he is ok. He could of went into liver failure or kidney failure.
I will never eat a mushroom again, not even edible store bought! If you would of seen what my puppy went through you would never think of eating a yard mushroom! Now i need to find away to keep him away from them.

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