Anyone looking for Forbid miticide.....

pagrdnrDecember 17, 2008

If anyone is interested in getting some Forbid miticide there is a co-op going on at BGI and we are looking for 3 more people. What I will do is take your email info and give it to the lady at BGI who is organizing and let her work out the details with her. It is going to be around $35 an ounce as far as I know. I will give her the info of the first 3 people to send me an email with their interest. I can't guarantee you will get in on it but there is a good chance you will if she hasn't found the three people by then. Forbid is probably the best mite killer out there, and you only need 1/4tsp per gallon to kill all kinds of mites and even whiteflies. I used a little vial from ebay and it got rid of broadmites, which nothing else I tried would.


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I just wanted to say that it works great! 1 oz will last quite a while. I don't mix up a gallon at a time, just a 16 oz spray bottle with a few drops of Forbid. I also like that it's mite specific because I don't use pesticides except for Forbid and Floramite (another miticide).

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I just wanted to mention that you don't have to be a BGI member to get in on this, and she can wait until after the holidays, until about mid January, for the payment if that is what is holding you back. I know it seems a little expensive for an ounce but a whole bottle is three hundred and some dollars, so it is actually a good deal. Plus an ounce will last a very long time, considering how little you need for a gallon. Sooooo..... just in case this makes anyone change their mind, send me an email if you are interested. I want to get back to the lady in a few days and let her know if anyone will be participating or if she should try to post somewhere else to find the extra people. Thanks.

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