Dryopteris erythrosra help

auhort1990(8a)July 6, 2011

I have some Autumn Fern that I need help with. These are located in a courtyard between a 6 story building and a 6 story parking deck. Some are in a very small bed that had drip irrigation and the rest are in 3 foot pots. The pots get water from overspray from pop up irrigation heads. The plants themselves get no direct sunlight because of the building and parking deck. The fronds start looking bleached out and turn brown. I have attached pictures some of which are not very good. Please help if you can with any suggestions. I realize I will have to replace some of these ferns but I want the new ones to survive.

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topsiebeezelbub(z7 Al)

I'm sorry no expert has chimed in to help you...I guess no one knows the answer to your problem. I have always found Autumn fern to be indestructable. Perhaps you are being too kind to them. They thrive in full sun with little water...be a little meaner and make your soil more free draining and leaner. Good luck.

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Too much lime leaching from the cement (containers and wall/sidewalk)?

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Could it be that the sun has changed its position and now these are getting the full wrath of direct rays? Other than that, there is not much detail regarding what is going on other than brown leaves. When the entire plant looks burned, it is usually a result of something phytotoxic in result. Perhaps an herbicide spray used on the lawn may have drifted, but I believe sun damage is the culprit. The ferns at the edge doesn't seem to be affected.

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