Need ID on large leafed ferns

tomasincasJuly 30, 2007

I have two ferns that have fairly large fronds as well as leaflets, both appear to be twice divided,I thought at first from a distance they were the same .I looked closer and one fern has leaflets with rounded edges where the other has fine serated edges.I looked through some photos on google of Goldies ferns, some looked similar,but many were diff. I have four pictures.Two are of the whole fern and two are of the fronds up closer.Any help would be appreciated.Tom

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I will try and post pictures again,seemed to have lost goes

Here is a link that might be useful:

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In your album you have this one:

And this one:

How did you come by these? Were they growing naturally? The first one looks like it could be a young cinnamon fern. The other pictures can be found in the link below to your album. To put pictures in your post itself like I did, just click on the HTML tag and then paste into your message.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to your album

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ESH, Thanks for posting the two closeups of leaflets , yes those are two of the four that I wanted to post. I have a heck of a time trying to put pictures right in the post..I will have to write that down, also ,if I may ask you ,do I put a comma after the first one that I want ,then paste the second one? The second fern I have had for awhile and my friend just up the road gave me the first one,I am trying to get rid of my hostas ( moving out to front of house )( most are white/green )from my mini woodlands. I am trying to plant just native stuff from around the immediate area in addition to the stuff that grows wild here in what is left of the wooded area of my sub-division.Tried to rescue some of the stuff before bulldozers got it. I will look on the fern identification sites for closeup of cinnamon fern fronds.Thanks again .... Tom in Pa.

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Hi Tom, I do put a "carriage return" between the two pictures to make them appear that way (Plus I actually put a sentence between them). In today's terms, "carriage return" is known as the "enter" key, I guess. Do you remember manual typewriters? There is a "test" forum on garden web where you can attempt your image posting skills.

I don't think it is a Goldie's, the arrangement on the frond is not right, but I don't know what that second one is.

Good for you for using natives and rescuing when you can. I'm right there with you!

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ESH, On the first photo,I looked up Cinnamon fern, leaflets
are said to be more pointed,and Interupted fern have fairly blunt tips according to the link below..they have a similar picture to mine. See if you agree with picture at bottom of page
is the web site it mentions diff. between the two.
click on Cinnamon to see diff.
Goldies fern ( if thats the second photo ) has many diff. types of pictures on google as well as names Leather wood fern ?? so I'll not write a name on the fern shot in my album. Also do you know how to edit names above the pictures?
I used to be able to change them , now I cant seem to.
I have a picture of what I thought was a rattlesnake fern and it turned out to be a moutain ash tree sapling I believe. Ferns up this way in NW Pa. were drying out ( not much rain )all my Ostrich ferns bit the dust for this year.
Oh well , they and the New York ferns seems to wither away at the hot temps we are having now. If I was located closer
to the creek ,I think they would be doing better.Its located about 150 to 200 ft. from my little area. thanks again. Tom

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Juvenile cinnamon ferns are not miniature adults. I find they have a "plumper" appearance, like a chubby child. I have never seen an interrupted fern (in person), but I have seen a lot of cinnamons. I guess we may just need to wait and see.

On editing the names of your photobucket pictures, I think you can just click on the name while you are in your album. The entry will then be in a box and you can overtype or correct it.

I was hoping that waplummer would happen along and offer his opinion on your second picture. There are so many types of ferns and I am only familiar with a few.

The nice thing about hardy ferns, they will be back in spring if dry weather forced them to go dormant. I hope you get the rain you need. It has been dry here in Georgia as well.

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