Fermosa Fern

dvk421July 31, 2007

I have what I was told was a fermosa fern. It has long frawns and prickly things on the stems. It seems to keep getting yellow and brown frawns. I keep it watered and it's on a protected deck. Any idea wat is causing this?

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They are fussy.I grew one for years in a greenhouse/conservatory and it would grow well for awhile then go semi dormant.And thats the nature of the fern. It might be semi temperate if their is such a term,needing a few months rest.Tropical ferns that need a rest period drive me nuts!
Other possibilitys are,low humidity,bad water, and being an epiphyte your potting soil might be too heavy and water logged.

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Likewise. I found them a fussy fern, though members of the Texas Gulf Coast Fern Society (TGCFS Houston Based) do have some luck growing them.

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