Desert Rose trunk growth?

ryan_tree(7aVA)October 30, 2010

Hey everyone,

I am planning on buying a Desert Rose in the next few days. I always see them with the big, thick trunks. I also plan on using this DR for bonsai. I will train it to look like a baobab. Does anyone know how quickly the trunks grow on these? Do they like to be root bound? Thanks!

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Ryan, growth time depends on your definition of speed. lol. DR are not the fastest growers. They're succulents, and most sux require patients. Some more than others.

IMO, DR prefer being root bound. Similar to growing bonsai.
Of course, DR are worth the wait...Toni

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Thanks Toni!

I was just wondering how long it would take to really beef up a DR. When/if I get mine I will be sure to leave it root bound. Thank you!

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Toni..Do desert roses prefer really being root bound? Is it to avoid over watering, or does one get better growth if so? Does the trunk grow faster?

Thank you..:-)


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I have a ton of these due to the fact I have no will power and they jump in my cart at the nursery. I haven't found, here in my climate, any differences in growth rates if they are potbound or in a big container. Some if mine are in bonsai containers-bf is into bonsai and will steal my plants if he gets a chance. They grow much faster here than up north because of our longer growing season and usual lack of bad winters. I have found the smaller the pot the more I have to water. They seem to like a lot of water, at least for me.
When you buy one try and get one that has a fat trunk as opposed to a more elongated one, I've found the fatter ones keep getting fatter but the more elongated keep getting taller.
Tally HO!

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